The cells binds to make tissues, and tissues binds to make muscles of our body which covers our body externally. Muscles are the crucial drivers of our fitness regime. They not only imparts shape to one's body but strengthen also at the same time. Moreover,muscles also leads to basal metabolic rate (BMR) by consuming more energy during body building. Muscles are reffered as "engines" when it comes to energy consumption. When we build muscles, it continously burns energy and fats of our body to get rid of excess calories and hence, builds the desired muscle mass. The muscle mass is the weight of the body muscles in kilograms or pounds. As the muscle mass increases, the faster one can burn calories and faster can yield their perfect body.

Muscle Composition

To design the diet one should gather relevant information about the muscle's physiology. They should know the exact composition to sustain healthy muscles in order to be able to understand the body functioning. The muscles are basically made up of water and proteins. The protein rich diet should be taken to ensure the normal functioning of muscles. Harness protein rich diet to make the stable basal metabolic rate of the body.

The Do's Of Muscle Gain

● Drink more water
● Sleep Enough
● combine Training with eating well, include proteinaceous food indiet like whey protein, yogurt etc including fruits and vegetables in fresh state.
● Add Pre and Post Work Out Meals to the diet to make sure your muscle gain in proper order and good health.
● Lift regularly.
● Add squats, pull-ups, bend over rows, dips and military presses to your workout.

The Don't in Muscle Gain

● Avoid alcohols and narcotics
● Avoid stress : it can have negative impact on muscle gain.
● Avoid added sugars: like ice-creams, doughnuts etc.
● Avoid deep fried foods : they promotes inflammation when consumed in excess. Like fried fish, onion rings, French fries etc.
● Do not lift above your body capability as it will become blunder in your muscle gain process
Diet For Vegetarians

Vegan diet for muscle gain.

When it comes to muscle gain, the first thing fitness freaks consider about is the diet. What diet should be taken for muscle gain? In lot parts of world, people with vegetarian habits have misconception that vegetarian food will not fulfill their body's strength requirements. In other words, the building muscles by eating vegetarian meal is not that much helpful at this regard. This isn't true. One can also build their muscles by eating healthy vegetarian diet and can accomplish their desired shape. Being vegan could not stop your dream of getting your perfect body and fitness. Their are certain ways you can tailor your meal/diet as per your eating habit.

Some are listed below which will help you to design your diet as per your convenience :

● Get sufficient calories. 
The diet plan should include enough of calories to meet up all energy requirements of the body. If you do not take enough calories, you may suffer from the lack of energy which will drain most of the proteins of your body. And at last you will left with fewer amount energy which will eventually hinder your muscle gain. 

● Protein is mandatory. 
Protein is the most important nutrient of the fitness diet which refers to the building blocks of one's body. As a part of Indian vegetables, various legumes, cheese, and milk are the richest source of proteins. Sprouts are also used as a snacking option which is the rich source of protein. One can also have boiled chick pea or black Chana for snacks to meet up the protein need.The skimmed milk is preferred over the whole fat milk, as the skimmed milk contains fewer amount of fats and serve as ample source of protein which lacks in whole fat milk. 

● No fat is bad. 
Keep fats included to your meal whether you're on a diet or not, a limited amount of fat is always needed by the body. It is always in one's hands, whether they uptake good fats or not. Keep a record of healthy fats in your meal to ensure the right amount of fat enter your body. Eg: consume olive oil, rice bran oil, sunflower oil, healthy nuts etc. In your meal. 

● Eat plenty of fruits and vegetables. 
Make sure about you are in-taking plenty of fruits and vegetables. These fruits and vegetables give you a varied source of nutrients as well as many antioxidants for the protection of immune system of your body. 
By keeping workouts short but intense will prevent muscle loss. This is proved by many trainers for the vegetarian people. If you include long workouts, the protein needs can be elevated, which can be difficult to curb in vegetarian diet.

● Say yes to nuts.
 Nuts are the source of healthy fats and can provide energy for long run. Include these nuts in a daily basis which can significantly boost your calorie intake and will ultimately help in muscle gain. Flax-seeds and walnuts can also serve the above.

● Eat frequent meals.
Break your bigger meals into smaller sub - meals and take in regular intervals which is highly recommended in weight loss. Since the vegetarian diet has somewhat fewer amount of proteins, by eating at regular intervals, one can have a continuous flow of amino acids in the body, which will greatly boost up the purpose of muscle gain.

● Add broccoli and spinach to your diet.
The broccoli and spinach are the richest source of calcium which can be lacked in a vegetarian diet. It should be included to sustain the requirement of calcium in the body.

Diet For non-vegetarians

The non vegetarian diet is the most important source of protein. It plays a major role in nutrition in order to gain muscles naturally. The muscles are mainly made up of proteins and proteins are the building blocks of body which is well supplied by the non vegan diet. Protein also plays as a energy source in absence of suitable amount of carbohydrates and fats level in body. Every person needs proteins in their diet to sustain healthy life. And by eating a proper tailored non vegan diet one can meet up their body requirement easily. One should regularly eat protein included diet to maintain and sustain their muscle growth. Combining non veg eatables with veg eatables will boost up the overall purpose of muscle gain process.
 Let's talk about some non vegetarian body building foods which are irreplaceable, when it comes to body building or muscle gain. 

● Eggs.
Eggs contain ample amount of protein in their white portion. This can be used as staple diet for most of the body builder /muscle gainer. Eggs play a important role in supplying required amount of protein. There are various ways, you can consume eggs, but choose only that way that proves to be healthy and do not hinder your muscle gain process. If you want to consume eggs as a body building food, you must eat boiled egg's white part which is rich in protein and discard the yellow part as it can act a fat adding agent in your body. You must eat at least 10-15 eggs per day in order to gain muscles. 

● Crabs.
It is widely used non vegetarian dish used up by the builders to gain their prospective muscles. They contain a rich amount of zinc, and calcium which is important for the body. 

● Mutton.
The lamb meat is the rich reservoir of creatinine and iron, minerals like phosphorus and zinc. It also contains certain vitamins like niacin, vitamin B12, thiamine, and riboflavin. Red meat is the rich source of oflipoxic acid which is a powerful antioxidant. It also contains small amounts of vitamin D. The liver part of any animal has higher amount of vitamins than any other parts of animal body. Meat is essential part of diet in building muscle. Eat red meat to ensure the regular availability of amino acids in the body. 

● Salmon.
Salmon is the type of aquatic fish, which is the best diet for post workout diet for body builders. It gives you abundant energy to your body without generating the fats. 

● Chicken.
Chicken chest this one is the widely used and affordable source of protein, which is easily available in market. The dish is rich in protein and has low levels of fats and cholesterol as compared to other parts of chicken body. The dish adds lean muscles which ensure Good looking muscles in your body. This is the favorite dish for the body builders. In 100 grams of chicken breast, you will get 23.5 grams of protein and 195 k cal of energy which is abundant.
● Chicken liver.
 Chicken liver is a good source of thiamine, zinc, copper, manganese, vitamin A, vitamin C, riboflavin, vitamin B6, iron, phosphorus, and selenium. Apart from being high in the cholesterol levels the chicken meat is highly nutritious and imparts towards the muscle gain.

To minimize the complexity of muscle gain we have this video below :

video source- youtube-rajveer fitness series

Diet plays a very important role in muscle building and we have always strives to provide the best to you. No matter how hard you exercise or train yourself, if you don't get access to proper tailored diet you are not going to get at your desired shape. Get your personalized diet with us and gain muscles as your choice.

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