Weight Loss

Obesity is not only, the accumulation of excessive fats in your body, but a long term chronic disorder which can land you up with serious complications which are way to hard to tackle with. And as such, it requires long term treatment to keep it off. An effective weight loss program is the combination of proper diet and motivation which are the major key to succeed in this weight loss regime with a bit of appreciation. Losing weight has been a very significant topic when it comes to wellness and fitness. Losing weight will help you feel better, and it also imparts improvement towards your health. Meanwhile, it is evident that the people who are obese have more chances of getting serious ailments than the non obese people. The good news is that you don't have to lose too much weight to get your ideal weight. You only have to loss 10% of your excessive weight to reduce the chances of getting ailments. You can lose weight by maintaining a perfect body weight. 

Some of the do's and dont's are listed below:

● Eat more fresh fruits and vegetables daily.

● Include whole grains in your diet.

● Balance your energy expenditure effectively.

● Avoid high sugar level drinks.

● Do exercise daily.

● Limit the amount of calories you intake.

● Avoid alcoholic beverages.

● Walk with smooth pace and slowly.

Veg diet.

Losing weight is a tedious work to go with a vegetarian diet. If you are vegetarian and you aimed for weight loss, then you should analyze every pros and cons of your diet to make it suitable for the purpose. A potential benefit of going vegetarian to lose weight is that you may consume fewer calories which ultimately is a gain for the weight losers. If you are looking for convenience, there are plenty of healthy vegetarian-friendly food available here. Some are listed below:

● Include fat-free foods. Eat fat - free or low fat - dairy products, such as cheese, or frozen yogurt. Consider changing from  whole milk to skim milk, to ensure low fat contents.

● Add fresh vegetables and fruits to your diet. Add these things to your diet to fulfill the need of constant amino acids in your body. This will help you to feel full and also imparts to lose weight accordingly.

● Pay attention to your serving sizes. Read food labels to find out the various ingredients, and calorie uptake of the food you are served to. Keep a log \record to find ways to eliminate the extra calories.


There are certain meals\foods enlisted below which can help you lose weight effectively :

● Lemon

● Lime juice

● Low sodium soy sauce

● Plain tomato sauce

● Garlic

● Onions

● Ginger

● Herbs

● Grains preferably whole grains such as lentils etc.

● Low fat vegetables such as beans, spinach, dried peas etc.

● Fruits such as orange, grapes etc.

● Frozen yogurt

● Cheese

● Skimmed milk

● Whole fat dairy products.

Non-veg diet

While no food is a magic bullet for weight loss, unless and until you do not eat proper diet to ensure your weight loss. And in this regard one can switch to non veg diet to make it way to easier for them. Switching to the non veg diet, one can shed their body's excessive pounds of their body.

Following are the some non veg foods which helps you to escalate your weight loss:

● Eggs are the rich source of high quality protein, fats, and essential nutrients, like vitamin D and choline. It's the protein which every human being tends to eat which make the powerhouse of the body. Eating a high protein diet in breakfast promotes weight loss, because the protein increases the satiety while regulating hunger and appetite at the same time of your body.

● Salmon \fish this type of seawater organism is also a rich source of high quality protein and provides plenty of "good fats" via, omega 3 fatty acids. A diet rich in omega 3 fatty acids helps people feel more satisfied. Moreover, eating salmon can be a delicious and versatile way to get to your recommended two weekly servings of heart - healthy fish.

● Choose lean meat. Choose lean meats (chicken, beef, and turkey) that have fewer calories than non - lean meats which will escalate the weight loss at right direction. These are generally considered as the safe source of protein.

Some examples of Lean meat are :

1. Skinless chicken

2. Red meat

3. Salmon - seafood

4. Tuna fish

5. Mackerel

To minimize the complexity of weight loss we have this video below :

video source-youtube- health and joy


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