Balanced diet

We all want to look slimmer and fitter and in this response we switch to gyms for the same. Eating a healthy balanced diet is an important part of staying fit and maintaining good health, and this can help you to feel good. This altogether means eating a wide variety of foods in right proportions, and consuming the right amount of food and drink is essential to maintain a healthy and balanced body. Eating a healthy and balanced diet can improve your mood and reduces the chances of risk of many hazardous diseases. Yet, despite these benefits one can face challenges regarding the maintenance of health. But, it may not hinder your fitness regime. You can get personalized diet here and can achieve the same. 

Veg diet. 

Vegetarian diet continues to increase in popularity. The reasons include: health benefits such as reducing stress and risk of heart diseases, diabetes and some cancers. 

Let's find out the essentials of vegetarian diet in the following section: 

● Get fruits and vegetables in your diet daily. Fruits and vegetables are a good source of vitamins and minerals, and Fiber, and these should cover one third of your balanced diet to ensure the supply of the above nutrients in your body. It's highly recommended to eat at least 5 portions of a variety of fruits and vegetables everyday to maintain your balanced health. It is evident people with 5 portions of variety of fruits and vegetables have a lower of risk of heart disease, stroke and some cancers. 

● Include starchy food in your diet. Make sure you include starchy food in your diet which covers most of your diet. This means meal should be based on this food to fulfill your carbohydrate needs. Choose whole grain, or whole meal varieties of starchy foods, such as: 

1. Brown rice 

2. Whole wheat pasta 

3. Brown bread 

4. Whole meal bread 

5. Higher Fiber white bread. 

these food items contain more fibers, and usually more vitamins and minerals than white varieties. You can also include potatoes with skin which serve as a great source of Fiber and vitamins. 

● Milk and dairy foods. Such products e.g.: cheese and yogurt are a very good source of protein. They also contain other nutrients such as calcium, which helps in keeping bones healthy. You can choose lower fats and lower sugar products to maintain your health at good rate. Choose semi-skimmed, 1%fat or Skimmed milk, as well as lower fat hard cheese or cottage cheese, and lower fat, lower sugar yoghurt. You can also include dairy alternatives, such as soy drinks which can proof as a good alternative to go with. Choose unsweetened, calcium - fortified drinks to avoid excessive consumption of calories. 

● Pulses \ nuts. Pulses and nuts are naturally very low in fat and high in Fiber, protein, vitamins and minerals. Unsalted nuts make a good snack which you can eat in your leisure. Eat nuts in moderation to avoid the excessive consumption of fat.

Non-veg diet

Non veg diet has a plenty of nutrients to supply your body with energy to maintain the balanced body. There are various advantages of choosing a non veg diet for balanced body which are as follows :

● Protein. A non veg diet primarily includes meat, fish, eggs which are the rich source of protein. The non veg diet enables the body to acquire the sufficient amino acids to ensure the balanced state.

● Vitamin B12 meat, fish, and eggs contain vitamin B12 and iron in abundance. These substances are very important for the formation of RBCs and nerve Fiber.

● In order to sustain healthy and balanced body one should include vitamin B12 source.

● Act as a protestant. Meat, chicken and fish along with eggs, which protects your body from the excessive cold weather during winters.

● Enhances wisdom a diet constituting of seafood like fish, and eggs sharpen your intellect and promote the smooth functioning of your brain. This ultimately enhances your wisdom and keeps your body and mind at good state. Following are the some non veg meal you can take:

1. Lean meat

2. Salmon

3. Tuna fish

4. Eggs

5. Chicken

To minimize the complexity of muscle gain we have this video below :

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