How It Works

Hello There. In this page, we will explain how things work down here.

Every human being in this world would like to have a perfect body and health. In order to posses a perfect body, one would consider going to gym and work out at their desirable location. People get confused with so many options and get exhausted exploring multiple

gyms to access one suitable kind.

Every gym enthusiast has following three questions in their mind while exploring:

1.what kind of diet should be taken to persist their fitness?

2.where to get such diet?

3. Who will deliver the meal to them?

To answer such questions with modesty, we are going to launch the very first startup venture for dhanbad peeps which is named as -. SHYVIK
Shyvik mainly deals with the body building and fitness and is a collaborative unit of multiple gyms of dhanbad to approach gym freaks in the city.
It contains of two stages to get access to people with full candour and honesty.
The first stage is the official website of the venture where one can gather information
regarding various workout slots, diet plans,memberships, and purchase of meals accordingly to thier time slots. 

The delivery orders for the meal is taken here for different slots to make it user friendly, the orders for morning slots are deadlined till 8 pm of the night and 2 pm at noon for the evening slots. The website also deals with the assessment of meals at the same time by providing
proper nutrition amount details about the meal to the member.

Stage 2 introduces the application version of this venture to make it easily accessible, which deals with various subjects of information, counselling about the fitness plan, memberships, gym training etc.
The application have distinct sections of the relevant activities of different gyms and membership sign ups. By signing up one can enrol themselves and he\she will get password and user name for future needs. The diet section of this application is well designed and organized to settle with the vegan as well as non vegan people by choosing appropriate plan
by the member.
Download our app to access orders and information.